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The story continues : (BJA April 2016)

  "IV Lidocaine for acute pain : an evidence based clinical update"  from the "Ottawa Group" at the UO in Ontario.

The Canadians published their "Ottawa experience" of implementing a protocol (circa. 2009) for the preoperative use of Lidocaine as an infusion.
They detail their protocol (bouls/infusion , perioperative ( including ward based infusions with no ECG monitoring!) and make a convincing case for lidocaine as an alternative to regional anaesthesia AND for the treatment of acute pain with hyperalgesia ("pronociception")

They demonstrate good evidence (reduced pain scores/reduced analgesic s/e and overall consumption) and improved ERAS outcomes.
Good safety outcomes with respect to S/E.
And generally demonstrate an important contribution to the evolving concept of multi-modal analgesia in the management of acute postoperative pain and acute hyperalgesia.

[b][i][u]Intravenous lidocaine for acute pain : an evidence-based clinical update, BJA Education April 2016. [/u][/i][/b]

Members of the department with experiences using IV Lidocaine?
Experiences/patient outcomes etc appreciated...

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